Normally, newborns do not sleep for long periods as adults do; their sleep patterns may also be quite irregular for example sleeping longer during the day. There are a number of reasons why your baby wakes up through the night. They may require a feed as their small stomachs do not hold much food to last them for an extended period. Some babies also like feeling their mother’s warmth and comfort, while others are disturbed by the slightest noises in the compound

Different babies experience different sleep patterns at various ages. Some kids can comfortably sleep for an entirely adequate time by six weeks. By the age of 6 months, most babies can get about six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep while by nine months, most can sleep full 12 hours. If your child continues waking up now and then during the night, it might be quite frustrating and may also take a toll on your sleep patterns and consequently your health. Below are tips on how to get your baby to sleep through the night easily:

Always Make Sure Your Baby Is Contentedcdfxazfdzadad

Ensure your child is well fed, comfortably dressed and in a calm and noise free environment. Try finding out which clothing the child likes; is it shorts, pajamas or just underwear? Socks or no socks? Make sure no one makes loud noises around the baby as this may disturb the child and even awaken him. You can also try giving a warm bath to the child before sleep.

Scheduled Awakenings

In this technique, you wake the baby at prescribed times so as to alter his sleep habits. This is what you should do: Keep track of the time your child wakes each night for a week. Then try altering this pattern. For example, if he wakes at 11 am and 3 am, start waking him up at 10:40 and 2:50, then give him the support you always provide.

Extend the waking times each day by around 15minutes, back and forth. The new schedules will make the baby start relying on you so as to wake up, instead of doing this on his own. The child will also learn to sleep for a longer period.


fcfcgfcgfcgfThis is one of the most popular techniques for making babies sleep. There is a notion that kids make certain associations with falling asleep. If you normally hummer tunes to the child till he falls asleep or rocks him till he sleeps, he will associate these events with falling asleep. You can, therefore, teach him to fall asleep on his own in the crib. Put him in his crib every day and leave the room. Should he start crying, give him some few minutes then go to comfort him. Increase the duration of stay each time he starts crying each day. With time he will learn to fall asleep on his own for longer periods.

Consistent Bedtime Routine

Babies like following a set of routines when falling asleep. If you usually feed your child at 7 pm, read a few stories to him, then cuddle him to sleep until 8 pm, continue with this routine. He will adapt to it and will typically associate the time with sleeping. The number of times the child wakes up during the night will most likely reduce.