Remedies for heartburn that you can use

Heartburn is a common occurrence in adults. It is often characterized by a burning sensation behind the breastbone which may at times creep up on the throat. It occurs when the lower sphincter muscle relaxes when it is not supposed to which causes some acid to go to the esophagus. So that acrid taste in one’s throat is the acid which has found its way in the mouth. The stomach is well suited to contain the acid without suffering corrosion. When the acid leaves the stomach, it burns the esophagus as it passes through causing the heartburn. The following are heartburn remedies to help you.

Remedies for heartburn

Baking powder

dfgdfgdfgdfgrtertFor those who love baking then this ingredient can be easily found in your kitchen. Baking powder’s main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate. This ingredient is a base in nature since its Ph. is higher than 7, so it works by neutralizing the acid so that if the acid gets up in your throat, it does not burn your throat since it is already neutralizing. The remedy can be made by mixing a tablespoon of baking in water then taking the water whenever one feels the heartburn.

Aloe juice

The aloe plant is used soothe burns and may also help with soothing sunburns. Aloe juice also helps with heartburn since it helps reduce inflammation. When one suffers from heartburn, their stomach is irritated and also gets inflamed because the esophagus is being eaten away. When one drinks a glass of aloe juice, it will soothe the stomach. One will need half a cup of aloe juice to take before meals. One should be careful with aloe juice since it is a laxative. One should go for aloe juice which has the laxative component removed.

Chewing gum

gfdgdfgdfgdfggdfgTo get relief, after eating a meal one should chew gum which is sugar-free since you also want to take care of your teeth. Chewing gum will help in stimulating the salivary glands to help increase the flow of saliva. This will help to wash any acid that will have built up in the gut since it will be diluted and washed back into the stomach by the saliva.

A banana or apple

Banana is a fruit but has other benefits in the body as well. Besides playing the role of fruits in the body, it has natural antacids which act as a buffer against the reflux of acid. One should eat well ripe bananas every day. An apple is also another option since eating it will help relieve the heartburn pain.

Gingerroot tea

fghdfgdfgdfgdfgdgdfgGingerroot will not only ease many stomach issues but also helps with nausea and acid reflux. One should take a cup of fresh tea at least twenty meals before a meal. It soothes the stomach as well as acting as an acid buffer. One should always use fresh pieces of gingerroot and simmer them ten take the tea when it is freshly prepared.

Other remedies include not wearing very tight clothes, especially in the waist area since they tend to force the acid up the esophagus due to the tightness.